Fast Lane provides a multitude of special services related to our core services of trucking, storage and repair. For sales and rentals of intermodal equipment, click here. For sales and rentals of refrigerated equipment, click here.
We have years of experience packing equipment for export, whether large pieces of handling equipment on flat racks or chassis in containers. We also unpack chassis manufactured in the Far East, either fully assembled or partially assembled where we perform final assembly in our warehouse. Chassis stacking, whether for over the road or flat bed transport, is one of our core specialties.
In Wilmington (Los Angeles), we have heavy lift capability (up to 35,000 kg) with our loaded container handler, one of the few loaded lifts off the marine terminals. This allows us to handle virtually any type of cargo or equipment you may need to transload or store.
We also have warehouse storage capability in all of our locations, Wilmington, Long Beach, Oakland and Adelanto which has two very large cross dock facilities with 250 dock doors. At over 80 acres, our Adelanto site has space available to rent or lease. If you're interested in renting or leasing in Adelanto, please contact Patrick Wilson at